Expertise & Benefits


Our Expertise and Benefits for You

Have you considered to reduce the cost by dealing with the suppliers directly to better control the price, quality or service in a more efficient and effective way?

Would you like to BENCHMARK your current supplier practice, ENLARGE your supply base, INCREASE COMPETIVENESS among suppliers and ensure SUPPLY CONSISTENCY ?

Do you have a CRYSTAL clear cost breakdown for the product or service you are purchasing and would you like to identify potential cost saving opportunities to increase your competitiveness in the dynamic markets locally or internationally?

Have you wished to have a low cost country based sourcing office due to the increasing purchasing volume with different supply issues but have very limited capital to run such office locally in Asia?

Do you realize the currency fluctuations, additional time and cost for trouble shooting of quality and supply issues with your suppliers, lack of local knowledge and business practice could easily dilute the benefits of low cost country sourcing you may expect to achieve, and even damage your company reputation?

Our available ‘on the ground’ resources (click here to learn more) will help you identify the cost reduction opportunity, improve the efficiency, drive your profit margin and ensure consistent good quality supply to enable you save more time to focus on your business growth and market development.

Our expertise mainly focus on the following:

  • Strategic Sourcing
    Long term sustainable cost reduction and best value achievements focusing on total cost solution for your core business and further strategic relationship development.
  • Spend Analysis
    Optimize your spend management scope, category standardisation, identify the cost savings opportunities and minimize maverick spending to achieve additional savings.
  • Supplier Development
    Supplier identification with best fit for your business needs, enlarge your supply base and minimize the different potential risks.
  • Bidding and Negotiation
    Drive best value for money and maximize your profit margin through different strategies and approaches according to the situation and related analysis.
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
    Maintain a healthy and close relationship with suppliers for continuous saving realization, product innovation, quality improvement, and service level enhancement.
  • Contract Management
    Contract development, terms and conditions review and negotiation, anticipate and mitigate potential risks, and develop contingency plans whenever applicable .

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