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Quick Win


You have suppliers in Asia but would like to benchmark with industry best practice and review current price for further cost reduction opportunities?

You don’t have any contracts with current suppliers leaving your company a big risk exposure in case of any violation of the promises from suppliers so far?

You would like to sign a contract with the language you could understand with favorable terms and conditions to protect your interests and rights with current suppliers in Asia?

Headache with continuous issues of quality, delivery lead time or supply consistency?

Considering how to minimize currency fluctuation risks and impact for business when dealing with Asia suppliers?

Expecting any service performance enhancement with current suppliers?

Looking for a further step with current suppliers for a more strategic and closer partnership?

We are here helping you

  • Review current practice, cost structure and spend analysis with your incumbent suppliers to identify cost saving opportunities & best practice to improve efficiency;
  • Re-negotiate the price or contract terms & conditions whenever applicable to achieve additional savings or better value for money with favorable terms and conditions;
  • New suppliers identification to enlarge supply base, leverage volume, minimize risks and create competitiveness;
  • Competitive bidding process management to get a quick win focusing on the price, quality or service level;
  • Supplier performance review to improve quality, enhance service level or increase working efficiency during contract execution;
  • Contract management: contract development, terms & conditions review and negotiation, contract renew and execution trouble shooting.

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