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Strategic Sourcing

Have you always spent more time and energy with additional cost for international calls or travelling more frequently than expected to repeat ‘correcting’ or ‘clarifying’ for the requests and trouble shooting with your suppliers after Purchase Order placement or during contract execution period?

Are you looking for a long term SUSTAINABLE COST REDUCTION, consistent supply with good quality solutions to adapt quickly to the dynamic market with your company as top priority in supplier’s client list?

Have you tried to figure out different ways to lower your various cost and optimize your company profit margin?

Will you be able to always anticipate the risks and minimize the impact for your business supply as early as you could?


Strategic sourcing is the world class practice we would like to recommend to you if you are looking for a long term sustainable growth of your organization by lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximize the savings with your core suppliers.

From spend analysis & categorization, supplier identification & selection to RFX (Request for Information, Request for Quotation or Proposal) , negotiation, Contract Management, and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), we could maximize the cost saving, drive the value for money, minimize the risks as well as build more close strategic partnership with the key suppliers for your core business.

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